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After The Gridiron

What you need to know:

  • Publishes: every Monday and Thursday 
  • Segments include:
    • Life in football
    • Transition out of football
    • Life after football
  • Available partner slots: 1 x 30-second mid-roll
  • Desired commitment: minimum 4 episodes
  • Included brand pieces: inclusion in email marketing, 2 x social posts per episode
  • Brief avatar: 35 year old male who is married with 2 kids. Played football in college and now works a corporate job.


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After The Gridiron is a podcast interviewing retired football players and discussing their lives after leaving the game.

Interviews are conducted by creator and host, Lyle Green. Guest talk about their start in the game, highs and lows along the way and end with a "top of the mountain" segment where they reflect on their career.  After The Gridiron is the best place to get insight into the lives and minds of former players.

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