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Interview With The Founder of Finger Licking Dutch, John Bronson

John played 3 seasons in the NFL, all with the Arizona Cardinals. He went to Penn State and started as a defensive end, but switched to tight-end his senior year. He chose Penn State over other schools after going to a camp there. Also, they were one of the top teams in the country that year as well. He played there with one of my old teammates, Cam Wake who became a dominant player with the Miami Dolphins. He was a priority free-agent with the Cardinals after putting up great combine numbers prior to the draft. He knew football wouldn’t be there for him forever, so he started looking at options for life after football. He started a business while he was playing, and was always involved in sports related things until his current business. He started Finger Licking Dutch with his girlfriend which is a waffle cookie call a stroopwaffle. They are big in the Netherlands and he is making them available in the US. For more information on the company and to follow him on social media, use the links below.




About the author, Lyle

1st round pick of the BC Lions in the 2001 draft, 3rd overall. 10 year CFL player, retiring in 2011. 2 Grey Cup appearances, winning in 2006.

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