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EP 37: Interview With Retired NFL Player Ken Hamlin



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One of the best safeties to play in the NFL, Ken enjoyed an 8 year career patrolling the gridiron.  He played for the Seahawks, Cowboys, Ravens and Colts.  He loves to cook and travel, with Belize being a favourite vacation destination.  He started playing football when he was 7 and loved it.  He was an all-around athlete playing many sports growing up and baseball was actually his favourite sport but football was his best option for the future.  He was a top player in Tennessee and had an interesting recruiting process.  Arkansas recruited him early and he had a good bond with them, especially the coaches.  Also, they had top safeties that came out of the program that he could learn from as well.  He had a great career there and was a top prospect for the 2003 draft.  There was talk of him going to Buffalo in the 1st round, but they ended up taking Willis McGahee.  He went in the 2nd round and got a call from Ray Rhodes telling him that he was on his way to Seattle.  He loved his time there and the organization.  Then he went to Dallas where football is everything.  They had a great group and unfortunately fell short of playoff success.  The lockout season was his last year playing.  At that time the league was starting to change the rules and clamp down on the big hits which was a huge part of his game.  One thing he did while he was playing was to do some broadcasting.  He had a radio show while in Seattle and also appeared on First Take with Skip Bayless as well.  An opportunity came up at Arkansas to do the pre-game and that’s what he’s doing now.  He is also an entrepreneur, being involved with different business endeavours.  He owns some food trucks with his good friend and former college teammate Eddie Jackson, who has become an accomplished chef.  He’s also involved in a few other businesses.  For more info on Ken and to stay up to date on things he’s doing, please follow the links below.



About the author, Lyle

1st round pick of the BC Lions in the 2001 draft, 3rd overall. 10 year CFL player, retiring in 2011. 2 Grey Cup appearances, winning in 2006.

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