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Interview With Former NFL Player Shannon Fitzhugh

Shannon achieved a lifelong dream of playing in the NFL. He spent 2 years in the league, with stops in Carolina and Indianapolis. He also played in the CFL, Europe and the Arena League. He went to college at Western Illinois University. Coaching changes made it difficult for him to establish himself there, but he showed enough to get an opportunity. It didn’t come right away though, having to wait a year for that chance to come. Despite that, he remained confident in himself, and believed he was good enough to play at the highest level. He first tried-out for the CFL, but got injured. Soon after, an NFL tryout came and he ran a great time. That led to his opportunity. He talks about covering Steve Smith and how Peyton Manning did him a favour for a fan, while with the Colts. Life after football has led him to start his company, G3Powerhouse which is an athletic and academic training program. His passion for helping people is what led him in this direction, even though he has a Masters degree in a different field. For more information about Shannon and his program check out the links below.



About the author, Lyle

1st round pick of the BC Lions in the 2001 draft, 3rd overall. 10 year CFL player, retiring in 2011. 2 Grey Cup appearances, winning in 2006.

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