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EP 40: Interview With Retired Football Player Joel Gamble

Joel had a brief career playing 3 years of pro football.  He spent time in the arena league as well as stops in the NFL with Philadelphia, Cleveland and Tennessee.  He loves the outdoors and likes to do a lot of hiking.  It’s a chance for him to get away and clear his mind without the noises of the city.  He started playing in high school and also played basketball which he felt helped him with football.  Basketball was his first love and he played in his dad’s basketball league.  There were some great players that came through the league like Carmelo Anthony.  He was top recruit his junior year in high school however he got hurt his senior year and only played in 3 games.  Most schools shied away from him after that.  Shippensburg University was appealing to him because of their passing offence, so he decided to go there.  He excelled there and was All-Conference in 2003.  He was being projected to be a 6th or 7th round draft pick.  However he didn’t get an opportunity and went undrafted.  He ended up coaching the tight-ends at Shippensburg after graduating his senior year.  Despite that, he felt he could still play.  He asked his coach if he could get him an opportunity somewhere.  He had a connection in the arena league and that led to him being signed by the team.  He eventually got a shot with an NFL team and was signed by the Eagles.  He bounced around a few teams and then the lockout year was when it ended for him.  His next move was to start his foundation so he could make a difference for youth in his hometown area.  They do a lot of different things like sports camps, tutoring, school tours and much more.  If you want more information on his foundation and follow him on social media, follow the links below.


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About the author, Lyle

1st round pick of the BC Lions in the 2001 draft, 3rd overall. 10 year CFL player, retiring in 2011. 2 Grey Cup appearances, winning in 2006.

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